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With version 2.0, FlashPower+ includes a depth of field calculator.  The calculation is based on the circle of confusion of the image sensor.  There is a large table of camera manufacturers and models to provide the circle of confusion.

The desired lens focal length, aperture, and focus distance is entered.  Based on these four variables, the calculator will display the hyperfocal distance, the near distance, the far distance, and depth of field.


Manufacturer Table

Selecting the camera model involves first selecting the manufacturer from the list of supplied manufacturers and then selecting the model.


Camera Table

This illustrates the camera model table to select the camera from.


Camera Information

If the desired manufacturer and / or model is not found, it can be added.  In order for the depth of field to work, the circle of confusion must be provided.  For full frame cameras, 0.030 is the value used by most calculations.  0.029 is actually a more accurate value for 36mm by 24mm sensors.

The other fields are optional and for informational purposes for now.  Future versions of FlashPower+ will utilize these fields for other calculations.


Aperture Table

The f/stop table is the same table used for the flash calculator. With version 2.0, additional values added to the table.


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