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PhotoPose Album


PhotoPose Album is designed for professional photographers as a means to organize photos. It can be utilized to arrange photos in preparation for sessions. Example photos are used to provide the client an idea of what the photographer will deliver. The photos can then be shown to the model(s) for staging. The photographer also has a place to record comments and camera settings.

If available, the original metadata from the image can be viewed below the comments and settings.  The app also contains an activity extension, so that the metadata information is available in the Photos App, Mail App, and other apps that allow for image data sharing.

This app does not provide any actual posing images or examples.  It is an empty album for loading photos that the photographer created or obtained from other sources.

The screen shots are shown with example images that are not included with the purchase of the app.

This app does not contain any ads or in-app purchases.


Pose Albums List

Pose Album Table


The first menu presented is a list of session albums.  This list is editable.  Additional albums can be added, and the default albums can be removed.

Selecting an album will take you to the photos for that album.  Initially all albums are empty.



Album Photos

An album will contain the photos that you have selected from photos stored on your iPhone or iPad.  This view is editable.  By tapping the "Edit" button, the functionality of adding to, removing, copying, and moving to other albums is enabled.


Album Editing

While in the "Edit" mode, four option buttons are visible at the bottom of the view.

1. "+" to add photos to the album.

2. "Move to" to move photos from one album to another.

3. "Copy to" to copy photos from the current album to another.  Note, actual photos are not stored within PhotoPose Album, so the photos are not copied.  It is only the link to the photo.

4. Trash can to remove the link to the photo.  This does not delete photos from your iOS device.  This app will not delete or modify photos, so it is non-destructive.

When complete, the "Done" button is pressed.


Photo View with Information

Photo View with description

Tapping a photo will display a larger image along with shooting information. The information is initially read from the EXIF metadata in the photo image if available in the JPG or PNG file.  These fields can be updated to desired values.

The shutter speed should be entered as a decimal value.  The value will be displayed as a fraction if 0.5 or less.


Photo Metadata

Photo Metadata

After the information fields, there is a "Show Metadata" button.  This will reveal all of the original metadata in the JPEG or PNG image.  This information is not modifiable.


Activity Extension

Activity Extension

With the PhotoData activity extension, the image metadata is available for JPEG and PNG photos.  The PhotoData extension app is available from any app that shares photos.  This includes Mail and Photos.

The PhotoData activity extension has to be enabled within the "Other" menu.  Once enabled the icon can be moved within the list.  The example shown shows it at the first of the list.


PhotoPose Activity Extension Enabling

Enable Activity Extension

Under the activity extension "Menu", the PhotoData has to be enabled. 


PhotoData Extension Example

PhotoData Display

Here is an example of the metadata display.


Photo Example

Photo Example

This shows the MetaData activity extension within Photo Selection.


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