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Main Screen

The main screen for the Polyhymnia app is composed of the musical staffs on the top and the keyboard on the bottom.  The functionality is fairly straight forward.  The key is pressed and the note is audiably played and visually displayed on the staff on the top.

There can be one to three staffs displayed: treble, alto and / or bass.  Only one staff can be played at a time.  There is a button that will toggle between the staffs.  On the settings options, there are switches that control the staffs displayed.  When only one staff is selected, the staff button will allow the staffs to cycle between the staff displayed on the screen.  When two or more are selected, the button will only alternate between the staffs on the screen.

The musical scale button will allow the selection of the musical key used.  Changing the key will change the key signature on the staff and the notes on the keyboard.

The notes on the keyboard will change depending on the key signature and the staff being played at the time.  For example, middle C will be in three different places depending on the staff.  For treble staff, middle C is on the left side.  For alto staff, it is in the middle of the keyboard as it is in the middle of the alto staff. For bass staff, it is on the right side of the keyboard as it is on the upper end of the staff.

The clear button removes all the notes from the staff(s).  The tempo button is a built in metronome.  The tempo is controlled by setting the number next to the quarter note symbol.

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